Golf Club Owners/Managers

As a Golf Club Manager or Owner, you are always looking for innovative ways to bring interesting, sought-after services to your members to heighten the value of your membership.  Imagine your members, on a cold winter day, making their way to the club, on sheer determination as they have committed to their health by signing up for your NRG™ Fitness program.   Coming in with their spouse or their friends, they stretch, bend, build up muscle, and by the end of the class, they smile. Contented. Happy that they showed up!

As they saw their rotation increase in class, they feel exceptionally motivated to spend some time at the Winter Academy. Hit some balls, chat with one of the pros, maybe decide to get their clubs fitted before they grab some lunch…  the possibilities!

Other Private Clubs like yours have made the jump and never regretted it. Bringing in the NRG™ program is inexpensive, easy and hassle-free, and as long as all your staff is committed to make it a success, you will reap benefits quickly.

Why NRG™ at your Club?

  • Provides a leading edge program on golf fitness training
  • Diversifies your offering for members
  • Complements your player development program
  • Helps minimize golf-related injuries
  • Creates synergy between all teaching staff  and NRG™
  • Elevates member & guest satisfaction
  • Increases women member participation
  • Creates additional revenue stream


“The largest outpouring of the game are 46-59 year olds as they become disillusioned with the game,. They become frustrated with their play – not getting better, not growing their game.” Canadian Golf Consumer Behaviour Study, NAGA 2012


NRG™ Fitness is a solution to your problem!

“It has indeed been a pleasure to work with Claudine LaRochelle over the past year and a half. Claudine is the consummate professional in all aspects of her work. She is enthusiastic, dedicated and extremely committed to her students. Feedback I received from the many of our members was never anything but positive. NRG™ Fitness is going to be big for the game and I have no doubt that Claudine will be a leader in making it so. I look forward, as do our members, to the NRG™ program starting again at our club soon.”

Ian W. Scott, General Manager, Brampton Golf Club.