Golf Services

Our goal is to design a program that will work for you and your members.  Golf Fitness
Typically, we like meeting with you to help us better understand your needs and requirements.  We have a great selection of services to choose from. Much like a posh club dining room, we offer both an ‘A La Carte’ menu and “Exclusive Packages” 

To give you a taste of our selection:

A La Carte

Regular Weekly NRG™ Classes

These “fusion” classes are carefully designed to be a bridge between the mind and body of the golfer.

Based on the ancient principles of yoga, pilates and other proven fitness for golf programs, we will cover various themes such as: lower-body strength and stability, hip mobility, core strength, rotation, upper-body strength and flexibility.   Each class is 60 minutes long. For the convenience of your members, you decide the length of the sessions.  They can range from 6 to 12 weeks, with a renewal option at the end.  For optimal results, you may want to run this program 2 to 4 times per week.

Half-Day NRG™ Clinics

Our half-day clinic is separate and independent from the weekly classes. It is ideal as a “member appreciation” event or simply as a way to spruce up your current club offerings.  You may want to kick off your golf season by bringing your members to the club for that event!  A perfect venue for your members to spend more time at the club!

Example of a half-day clinic:

  • Applying the Eight Elements of Yoga on the Golf Course
  • Anatomy of Golf 101
  • NRG Core™, NRG Stability™, NRG Mobility™, NRG Total™, or NRG Power™

Full-Day NRG™ ClinicsYoga for Golf Fitness Program

This full-day clinic is more intensive and usually is eight hours in length. We usually like partnering with your Head Professional to offer this clinic. Topics discussed are to your discretion but can  include:

  • Applying the Eight Elements of Yoga on the Golf Course
  • Swing Assessment
  • Typical Swing Faults and Causes
  • Anatomy of Golf 101
  • NRG™ Swing Faults Solutions
  • NRG Diet for the Golfer
  • Preventing injuries through NRG Fitness and therapeutic integration
  • Meditation and visualization to improve your golf game

Pre-Tournament NRG™ Swing Stretch

This can be indoors or outdoors.  Professional tour players do it, so why shouldn’t your members and guests benefit?  There is nothing like a 20-30 minute practical, targeted warm up routine prior to your clients’ shotgun start.  Your tournament players’ first tee shot will feel like their 5th or 6th, and they will feel like they are “in the zone” right from the first hole! All they need is their golf attire and one golf club.  An amazing experience that your members and guests will not forget!

Private Instruction

Some of your members prefer the one-on-one attention? We can work with them wither at the club or in the comfort of their home to customize a fitness plan specifically suited to their physical needs and performance level based on our thorough  assessment.  Our preference is to collaborate with one of your golf professionals and let them do the assessment, and then develop a fitness program that suits your member’s specific needs and goals.  Contact Claudine LaRochelle-Reischl for more information or to book one of our staff members at 416.704.0238 or

Exclusive Packages

Our goal is to be a consultant to your team. We are onsite several hours per week, working closely with your golf professionals to help you prefect your offering to your members.   We will develop an exclusive package for you addressing you most pressing needs.