“Since I’ve started the NRG™ yoga program, I find that I maintain a more consistent body position throughout my golf swing, which results in more consistent ball striking too!”

Roger Dukhan., East York

“I started the NRG™ program to try to regain lost flexibility and relieve stress and nagging aches. I had low expectations because of a previous attempt at yoga, but to my pleasant surprise, just half a dozen classes with Claudine has relieved the tightness in my lower back and improved my core strength. The key to why this program works is Claudine’s understanding of the golf swing, and her ability to relate the various poses to it.  The program is demanding, but Claudine’s patience and excellent instruction helps me to stick with it and honestly try to improve.” 

Peter DiLullo
Credit Valley Golf Club

“I had never done yoga before, and I could see improvements in my flexibility within a few weeks, even though I was only doing it once a week! I totally enjoyed the sessions, each week was different and there’s an option for each level. I love it.”

Brenda Loomans
Hamilton Golf & Country Club

“I am an avid golfer and when I met Claudine, I welcomed connecting with someone who understood the mechanics of golf and how the muscle groups worked during the golf swing. I became a disciple and was pleased to introduce her to my home club.  The program has quickly expanded to two days a week at the club, and personally, yoga is now part of my daily routine.”

Jim Carlisle
Lambton Golf & Country Club

“NRG™ Yoga is great! The exercises that strengthen my upper back and shoulders certainly helped me achieve more distance on my drives.”

Dana Lum, Oakville



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