NRG™ Benefits

The S.M.A.R.T. Approach

Our comprehensive program is carefully designed to complement your golf instruction and practice. Throughout  the program, you will improve:

Stability — balance will help you improve your short game and putting

Mobility — loss of flexibility can cause bad shots and loss of distance. Better mobility will keep injuries at bay while helping you straighten your shots and regain distance

Attention — Breathing, relaxation and mental focus techniques will help you hit your greens in regulation, avoid 3 putts, hence lower your score

Rotation — Rotation increases with core strength. A strong core will increase your club head speed thus help you hit the ball further

Technique — During the program, we highly recommend that you work with a golf pro at your club. We can then incorporate their recommendations into your NRG™ program to compound the benefits.

 SMART Approach to Golf conditioning

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