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Any golfer deserves an opportunity to play like a pro!

Amateur Golf Fitness 

Imagine getting to your club in the morning, relaxed, not rushed, with disposable time to warm up and get focused.  With the NRG With the NRG™ Fitness program, you will find your behaviour starts changing, and you will feel compelled to get to the club early enough to get yourself “in the zone”.


The NRG™ Team’s credo is that if you are a golfer, and you are dedicated to bettering your game, you deserve to be treated like a professional tour player.


If your club has made the commitment to bring an NRG™ Fitness program to the club, I assure you that our team is working closely with golf professionals at your club to offer you the best possible golf experience.


By working with us and getting yourself in a better physical shape, your golf instructor will really be able to focus on really helping you improve your game instead of spending time getting you in shape!


Is NRG™ Fitness for You?

Watching any of the PGA events nowadays, it is evident that fitness plays a big part in improving a player’s game.

Answer the questions below to determine if the NRG™ program is for you:

  • Are you losing distance on your shots?
  • Are you missing greens in regulations or three-putting more often than you would like?
  • Do you run out of steam or lose focus sooner than you used to during a round?
  • Do you have golf-related injuries?
  • Do you want an edge on the competition just like tour professionals have?
  • Do you want to socialize with your golf buddies other than on the golf course?

If you answered yes to more than two questions, this program may be your answer!


NRG™ Program – What to Expect?

Our golf performance fitness program incorporates principles of yoga to enhance your body mechanics, boost your stamina and improve your focus which will help you lower your scores.

No pricey equipment is required, you will simply need a yoga mat and comfortable clothing.

NRG™ Classes are 60-minutes in length, and are offered 2 to 4 times a week in the comfort of your own club.

Each program runs for a 6 to 12 week period, after which you sign up again for the next segment. This flexible time frame allows for vacationing and snow birding, so you can join back in at any time and pick up where you left off.

Whether you are at a beginner or advanced level, our classes are for you. We provide modifications for each pose so you can get maximum benefits from each class.

In addition to improving your game, NRG™ will help you improve your vitality, keeping you youthful, energized and athletic.

Golf Fitness Programs
Is golf fitness right for you?

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